F.A.Q / Help

1. If the service is really for free?

Yes, our service is absolutely free and without obligation. We finance our service exclusively using the visual advertising.

2. How long will my images be stored?

Your images will remain basically stored indefinitely on the server, provided they do not violate our terms and conditions.

3. What images may here be uploaded?

Here there are no restrictions for you. Images may of course not vertoßen against our terms and conditions.
Otherwise, the criteria that are visible on the home page apply.

4. How many images can I upload?

As much as you like! We certainly have enough space for all of our users.

5. How big can my uploaded images?

A file can be unlimited in size.

6. Can I use this service for commercial purposes?

That is also permitted. Ideally, you should always use the first link (the viewer), the output after uploading
will as, especially with business customers the call volume of photos can be very high and we are on the advertising
on the imaging side of finance. We guarantee highly reliable advertising medium of accepted advertising partners.

7. How it will look in the future? How long will this service exist?

Since 2011 we are now on the market. We are always with energy and drive while this
Service for our customers evolve and look now with joy in the future.

8. Can I delete images uploaded again by mistake?

Clear! Just go with the cursor over the image and press Remove.

9. Save when uploading my IP address?

Yes! Your IP address is saved when you upload a file for legal reasons (§ 113a TKG).

10. What is data security?

We go every day backups of all data, so as to avoid data loss.

11. Can other users without my permission to access my pictures?

Your images will be if you have registered on our course, if you protected wish.
All you have to upload your images or albums to private.

12. What is a thumbnail?

As a small thumbnail images are referred to, which serve as a preview for a larger version.
Through the use of thumbnails shorter charging times are possible because the loading time of a page
is often directly dependent on the images contained therein.
This can ensure that the loading times are not too large and the user can reference
the thumbnails themselves decide which of the images they want to view in full size.
All it takes is for us a simple click on the corresponding thumbnail.

Another reason to use thumbnails is its space saving.
Many images can be accommodated in such a confined space.
The visitor can get a quick overview and zoom individual pictures if necessary.
Thus, the limited space of a page used effectively and the attractiveness can be further enhanced.

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